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Blankets for T.O. Membership

How do I get involved with Blankets for T.O.?

Like many other organizations at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Blankets for T.O. offers membership to University of Toronto students and opportunities to volunteer with us. Membership comes with a fee of $10. Even without membership, you can still get involved with Blankets for T.O.: most events that we hold will be open to all, regardless of membership status!

Why is there a fee?

The fee of $10 for membership which will be entirely dedicated to events and operations at Blankets for T.O. It helps fund donations of blankets and food to the homeless, expenses for events we organize, running costs of our website and social media, and much more. You can be assured that all of the fees collected will go towards a worthy cause.

How do I sign up for membership?

Members can sign up via the button located at the top of this page, which links to a Google Form. Right now, we prefer to accept membership fee payments via e-transfer. Learn more about e-transfer by visiting its site here. If you are unable to use e-transfer, you contact us via any method here and we will be able to arrange an alternative.

Once we have received the payment and your Google Form submission, your membership application will be processed and we will hold a record of your payment.

What do I gain as a member?

Events and Volunteering Updates

As a member, you will be the first to be updated with events and volunteering offers! Members will get the first invites to guest speaker events.

CCR Recognition

The Co-curricular Record (CCR) is a system at the University of Toronto that allows students to have proof of their involvement in campus activities and organizations. All Blankets for T.O. members are eligible to apply for role of Blankets for T.O. Member on the CCR website. Verification of CCR applications will be made in April, based on member activity throughout the year.

Access to the Blankets for T.O. Discord Server

Members will receive an invite to join the Blankets for T.O. Discord Server, which contains group chats where members can message each other, contact our Executive team directly, and contribute their ideas for future events!

Discounts to Events and our Store

Members will be eligible for future discounts to participate in some of our paid fundraiser events and eligible for exclusive giveaways.

Additionally, members will receive discounted prices on select items in the Blankets for T.O. store. Browse our catalogue here.

A Closer Connection to the Homeless

We plan on forming a bridge between Toronto's homeless population and the greater Blankets for T.O. community. For example, we plan on offering opportunities for our members to send written messages to homeless that we donate to. In fact, we have already done this for our 2021 Care Package Event!

Discounts and Offers from our Sponsors

Are you a student looking towards graduate or professional school? Members are offered discounts on purchases from one of our sponsors, The Princeton Review. The Princeton Review offers online courses and learning materials that prepare students for writing applications and taking tests like the MCAT, LSAT, OAT and DAT. Blankets for T.O. members will receive a $400 discount on instructor-led courses and a 15% discount on self-paced courses.

I have an idea for an event! How can I let Blankets for T.O. know?

Blankets for T.O. is always excited to hear new ideas for events and donations from the community. If you have an idea, please reach out via email, social media or Discord. Contact links are here.

I have something to donate! How can I let Blankets for T.O. know?

It is amazing that you are considering what items you can donate! If you have something to give like a blanket or a food donation, please reach out via email, social media or Discord. You can fill out our contact form or browse our contact links here.

Please note that, because of donation policies at shelters and because of COVID-19 restrictions, there are requirements for the quality and type of items we can receive and donate. It is important that all donations are suitable, safe and hygenic for use or consumption.