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About Us

Our Objective

Blankets for T.O. is a non-profit organization situated at the University of Toronto that strives to provide support and resources to those in need of housing across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We also advocate against the stigma associated with homelessness, with the ultimate goal of eradicating it. Our team has worked towards our goal by distributing food, blankets, hand sanitizers, and masks to those in need. We will continue to motivate others to help the homeless of our city and educate others on the severity of this issue. Links to our social media can be found on the Contact page.

Our Events and Initiatives

We host events for the student community at the University of Toronto Scarborough and we help distribute donations gathered from students, private citizens, organizations, and private companies to shelters and individuals in need. To learn more about the events, initiatives and donations that Blankets for T.O. has undertaken, glance over our annual reports below.

Our Provincial Reach

Homelessness is not isolated to any single city, region, or country. Starting in 2021, Blankets for T.O. is actively expanding its reach by establishing new local Blankets for T.O. chapters outside of the University of Toronto. Local chapters are being set up in Oshawa, London and Hamilton. Browse all of our chapters here.

Looking to set up a Blankets for T.O. chapter in your local community? Please contact us and let us provide the skills and resources that you need to make your chapter a success.

Are you an organization, media entity, or public figure that wants to collaborate with or write about Blankets for T.O.?

We are always happy to take questions for media articles, online content and interviews. Organizations, media and public figures wishing to work with Blankets for T.O. can contact us via our email: blanketsforto@gmail.com.