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Making donations

Donating items for distribution and monetary amounts to homeless shelters and individuals is one of the best ways to help Blankets for T.O. For more information, browse the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Reach out to us at blanketsforto@gmail.com for any further questions about making donations. You can also reach out via any of our other methods of contact or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Donating items to Blankets for T.O.

This is information for individuals who want to donate items (bedding, food, hygiene products) to the homeless community.

What kind of items does Blankets for T.O. accept?

Blankets for T.O. accepts ALL items that may be of use to shelters, respite centres and homeless individuals. Here are examples of what we donated to individuals in shelters and on the streets:

  • bedding (blankets, comforters, duvets, etc.)

  • clothing (gloves, socks, hats, etc.)

  • backpacks and bags

  • food

  • hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, hand sanitizer)

We work hard to ensure that all donations are safe and hygienic for those receiving them. For this reason, shelters prefer unused items when it comes to donations of clothing and bedding. But we may still accept used items so long as they are adequately cleaned.

Regardless of what you have to donate, please reach out to Blankets for T.O directly via email at blanketsforto@gmail.com or social media! We will be able to let you know whether a donation would be suitable.

How do I donate items to Blankets for T.O.?

The best way to let us know that you would like to make a donation is by emailing us at blanketsforto@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can reach out via any of our other methods of contact such as over social media or our website form.

In your message, let us know of the items you are donating. Also include your approximate location (neighbourhood, city, etc) so that we can determine the best way to physically receive your donation. Once your donation is deemed to be suitable, the Blankets for T.O. team will make arrangements to accept your donation.

How will my donation be delivered to Blankets for T.O.?

Once you contact Blankets for T.O. regarding your possible donation item(s), we will be in contact with you about how your item will be picked up by or dropped off to Blankets for T.O. Depending on the donation, we may also be able to guide you to a third-party non-profit organization and shelter nearby that is in need of your donation. Do not hesitate if you do not live within municipal Toronto, because we are in contact with our local chapters in other Ontario cities.

Where will donated items be distributed to?

How the item will be distributed to shelters and individuals depending on need. In the past, the Blankets for T.O. community has donated items to homeless shelters across the Greater Toronto Area. We have also handed out care packages to individuals on the street in downtown Toronto. Blankets for T.O. has been in contact with local shelters and organizations to figure out what items are in desperate need and will distribute all items accordingly.

Requesting items on behalf of shelters

This is information for shelters and charitable organizations.

I help run a shelter or respite centre in need of donations. How can Blankets for T.O. help?

Blankets for T.O. is more than happy to help shelters and respite centres obtain the essential items that are in need. Please contact us via email at blanketsforto@gmail.com and state what items are in need by your organization. We can help by prioritizing future donations to be directed to you or by helping you make public appeals for donations.

Can my shelter or charitable organization partner with Blankets for T.O.?

We are open to working with shelters and charitable organizations to help promote fundraisers and spread awareness for issues facing the homeless community! Please email us at blanketsforto@gmail.com to inquire further.

Donating monetary amounts

This is information for individuals and companies wishing to donate monetary amounts to Blankets for T.O. to help fund donations.

How do I make monetary donations as an individual?

The best time to make monetary donations to Blankets for T.O. is during our donation drives which we run during December and January via GoFundMe.

We also accept general donations throughout the year, but we currently limited to only accepting them through Interac e-Transfer. We have an online form specifically for donations here.

Note that tax credits from donations are not yet claimable because Blankets for T.O. is not yet an officially registered charity or non-profit organization. The team is looking into the registration process!

I am at a company that wants to support Blankets for T.O. How can we help?

Companies are open to help Blankets for T.O. with physical donations, as well as monetary amounts which will go towards funding donations. We have recognized several organizations that have provided us with physical and monetary donations. Please email us at blanketsforto@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring Blankets for T.O.

Where do funds donated to Blankets for T.O. go?

We are always committed to allocating our funds responsibly and efficiently, because that will make sure that individuals in need will get the aid that they deserve. Funds donated to Blankets for T.O. will primarily go towards funding the purchase of essential items that will be donated to homeless shelters and individuals. In the past, we have donated toiletries, blankets, scarves, gloves, socks and ponchos to shelters and individuals on the street. Learn more through our blog! Also, funds from donations have also been used to gather items for shelters!

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