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Podcast Collaborations

View podcasts featuring guest appearances of some of our members.

The Meeting Place Podcast

Listen to an interview of one of our co-presidents, Nimit Vediya, who appeared as a guest on The Meeting Place podcast with host Jonathan Collaton. Jonathan, from the Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing at University of Toronto Scarborough, engages in frequent interviews with students of UTSC to get a glimpse at the UTSC student experience and share knowledge.

Listen to The Meeting Place Podcast Episode 21 (Guest: Nimit Vediya) to learn about how a tragic news event became a source of inspiration for Nimit and his soon-to-be co-presidents to start Blankets for T.O. Available on Spotify and YouTube.

The Medboys Podcast

Co-hosts Nimit Vediya, Naman Sharma and Rushil Dave host the Medboys podcast, where the three talk about a wide variety of topics with a special guest. You'll hear about their university experiences and their outlook for the future of artificial intelligence. Most importantly, they discuss all things medicine-related, including how to get into medical school and beyond.

Listen to The MedBoys Podcast Episode 7: "What would YOU do if you saw someone in need?" with Blankets for T.O. where our hosts discuss how Blankets for T.O. was formed, and the various challenges the organization faced in its initial stages. Available on YouTube.

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