We are expanding to new locations in Ontario

by William Huang on April 10th, 2022

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Collage of Chapter Logos
Blankets for T.O. has set up five new chapters at universities in Ontario to extend our reach to more communities.

Did you know that Blankets for T.O. already has chapters set up in multiple cities across the province? In fact, there are currently five chapters at various Ontario universities which are all in the middle of organizing events, planning fundraisers, making donations and founding new social media communities!

We have helped establish Blankets for Hamilton at McMaster University, Blankets for Oshawa at Ontario Tech University, and Blankets for London at Western University. Additionally, there is now a Blankets for T.O. chapter at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. A list of all these chapters, as well as links to their social media and membership forms, are posted on our website here.

Our expansion out from our founding chapter at the University of Toronto Scarborough means that our movement will be able to address homelessness in many more communities province-wide. These chapters will have a better grasp of local homelessness issues, a closer reach to homeless support systems, and an opportunity to build strong connections with local communities and public figures. Students at schools with a Blankets for T.O. chapter can look into joining them as a member which will allow you to enter a community of like-minded students, attend their events, and support their initiatives. 

These new chapters have already started to make donations and build their own communities. Blankets for London made its first donation earlier this year! They gave 50 blankets to the Unity Project, a local homeless shelter. Follow these chapters on social media to keep updated with opportunities to join their teams, attend their events, or make donations!

Don't see a chapter in your local community or at your local university? Want to help start and lead a chapter? Reach out to Blankets for T.O. and we would be happy to offer you help and resources for you to set up a new chapter!

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