December "Winter Dares" Fundraiser

by Blankets for T.O. on December 7th, 2022

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Blankets for T.O. is hosting another donation fundraiser during this Christmas season through a GoFundMe. Funds raised through this event will be used to purchase items for donation, including high-quality thermal blankets which can provide waterproof warmth from the elements. Earlier this year, we raised over $2000 through a single donation drive like this one, and we were able to donate 100 care packages to local homeless shelters. With this donation fundraiser now, we hope to surpass this goal and donate more essential items to the homeless community! 

Donate to our GoFundMe today.

The "dares"

This month’s fundraiser comes with an exciting twist! As we cross milestones towards our funding goal, the Blankets for T.O. executive team will be completing "dares". These are fun, exciting and harmless challenges that mark our initiative’s progress:

  • $10 - Let students on campus write on your shirt

  • $20 - Wish 5 random strangers a “Happy Birthday” on campus/ at the mall/ any public place

  • $50 - One chip challenge

  • $75 - Go to the gym in formal clothes

  • $100 - Co-President get pie-d in their face with whipped cream

  • $300 - Let someone wax a part of your body

  • $500 - Give a homeless individual a $50 gift card

  • $600 - Bury your face in snow for 5 seconds

  • $750 - Take an embarrassing selfie and set it as your new profile picture for the next week.

  • $1,000 - Sleep in the meeting place for 15 minutes

You will see these dares completed via our Instagram (@blanketsforto). We may add further dares in the future. Follow us to keep updated on our fundraiser and see our executive team tackle some of these bizarre tasks.

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